The Worlds Most Beautiful Highlighter

Hi Miguxas! Lancôme has created something beautiful and out of this world this Spring. Lancôme‘s La Rose a Poudrer is the most beautiful highlight ever created. The product weight is 1.6 grams, a standard MAC highlighter or blush are between 5 – 10 grams. The pearly pink petals are made of fabric, so you can’t break it. It’s a visually stunning product if you love to take picture of make up or if you collect special make up collections.

How are you supposed to use it? You can use your regular blush or highlighter brush and wipe between the petals. You have to be careful not to spill anything. Is it handy? No, just a straight no, but look how beautiful it is!

La Rose a Poudrer is a Spring 2017 limited edition collection and will be available this January. The highlighter costs $60 and can be purchased by the official Lancôme, Sephora and Maisy’s. there’s no information about second party selling points in Europe and neither where you can buy it. The highlighter comes with a Kabuki brush (also limited edition) which you can get for $34.

Source: Cosmopolitan, Lancôme
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2 thoughts on “The Worlds Most Beautiful Highlighter

  1. Tão lindo, tão suave e feminino…..
    Obrigada pela postagem, assim pude conhecer esse produto mara!!
    Beijos Miguxas ♥

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