Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you do not need to be compromised or be a couple to celebrate this date. So why not say goodbye to our routine behaviour and celebrate the love between friends, parents or colleagues.

I made a list of how to celebrate this date, although to celebrate love doesn’t have to be a special day, we celebrate the love every day and why not:

  • Start the day  leaving a message of love in pieces of paper … stuck in the bedroom or bathroom mirror, or in the car, on your computer….
  • Say “I love you” to all the people you really love, to  your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, children, father or mother, brothers, friends…
  • Ask for forgiveness to those whom you’ve hurt.
  • Give great care to the loves one.
  • Make time to listen to each other.

I asked two co-workers what they’d like to get from Valentine’s Day, and I chose (shopped) online based upon their wish list! I hope they like it.

Claudia – promoter

Their choices were:

  • Pajamas-  I chose for her a very comfy and trendy one from hunkemoller
  • Perfume- I thought the fragrance of the Chloé Love much like Claudia
  • Jewelry- a Crystal ring of Roses of  The Beauty and the Beast theme of Swarovski
  • Tickets for the tour de Lady Gaga tour in October 2017
Daniel from  Cupids Bullets  ( Congrats Daniel, your new song “Colors” rocks)

For Daniel your June 14:

  •  Dancing, a night out – I hope you enjoy this selection of hip & hop do Paradiso
  • A good dinner prepared by and for two- book Green Happiness has healthy and delicious recipes.
  • Chocolate- Tony’s Chocolonely yummy and at my point of view is an enterprise example with their humanitarian projects.

This year we don’t want to exchange  gifts between us, but rather an exchange of Love, trust, respect and friendship.  Happy Valentine’s day! XOXO


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