Unboxing StyleTone beautybox #2

It’s that time of the month again! My new Styletone box arrived and I am ready to review!
I was so excited when I got it and couldn’t wait to open the beautybox but I got a little problem with the box but the amazing people of customer service replied immediately and got my back and also have send me a cute apology card which looks exactly the same as my cat! Coincidence?

First you need to know about StyleTone (if you haven’t read the previous unboxing which you can read it HERE)
StyleTone is a box filled with fullsize beauty products from new or unknown brands.
These brands are:
– Animal cruelty free
– Vegan
– Paraben free

February box
This beautybox is a subscription box with always new products with every month a different theme. This month’s theme is “Welcome to the Circus” and it comes in a wild animal/circus illustrated packaging. Like every month the products come with a little magazine with a description about the products. So… Let the unbox begin!

Beauty product number one
Supreme Eyeliner  – Smart Blue
Regular price: €18,-
Brand: Lord & Berry

This eyeliner pencil blends really good. It’s ideal for a smokey eye look and easy to use. I got the colour Smart blue which is a deep metallic blue. The other two colours are green and purple with the same metallic look.

Beauty product number two
Diamond Heart – Strobe Cream
Regular price: €29,-
Brand: Emité

This cream is really shiny, I only swatched it on my hand and the formula is so soft but sticky and it could be used as a highlighter which gives you a healthy glow. I tried contouring my face a few times but honestly there are only cons with this “IG trend”. First of all, it takes too long. I can’t sit an entire hour just to contour my face if I already have popping cheekbones. If you can’t live without a highlighter than this is for you if you want a pearly skin.

Beauty product number three
Lip-Locked Priming Wand
Regular price: €22,50
Brand: Manna Kadar

This Lip primer is a 2 in 1, the formula is so pigmented that you can wear it as a lipstick. You can get the colours J’adore or Joie. The J’adore is more of a natural peachy colour then Joie, the last one has a little purple touch. This Lip primer stays on for a really long time and stays in place.

Beauty product number four
Lash primer
Regular price: €19,95
Brand: Manna Kadar

Another primer ideal to lengthen your lashes. After applying wait 30 seconds and apply it with your regular mascara, it gives you a awaken look and it’s easier to remove afterwards.

Beauty product number five
Body Scrub – Coffee
Regular price: €5,50,-
Brand: Nacomi

Funny how I posted a homemade coffee scrub a few weeks ago and in the next beautybox it comes with an already made scrub with the same ingredients. As described on the packaging it’s handmade, natural, “intense anti-cellulite and firming action” and eco friendly.

On the next picture below are the three swatches from (left to right) Diamond Heart cream, Lord & Berry supreme eyeliner without blending with a brush and the Manna Kadar Lip primer.

Personal opinion
I love the february box and I would use the eyeliner and the lip primer on a regular day. I also would try the coffee scrub before showering for example and I think I could use it a few times instead one use only.

Do you want to know more about Styletone? Check their page and let us know in the comments if you’re going to order the box or if you already had the box and what you think about it.

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