Rosy’s geek life: Unboxing Mystical ZBOX #1

Hi miguxas! A week ago I had a special subscription box delivered, the Zbox from the company Zavvi. I don’t know if there are people familiar with this retailer but it was completely new for me. I had heard of Lootcrate (which is almost the same as the Zbox) but I had a few problems with ordering because I don’t live in the United States so plan B was Zavvi’s Zbox.
This mystery box is for the people who like everything about the world of science fiction and animation.
January’s theme is Mystical, which includes Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Dragon Age merchandise. I had high expectation because I saw all the past boxes they have made and also I kind of hoped it would be at the same high quality level as Lootcrate.
So here we go!

The subscription box comes with Fantastic Beasts (and where to find them) shirt, it fits perfectly and the fabric is really soft! If you don’t remember (or didn’t saw the movie) the building on the shirt is MACUSA’s magical exposure threat level clock. Thanks to Google Maps you can enter the building and explore.

This month I also got a Hogwarts lunchbox! YAAS!! I can finally carry my magical potions and bring my Marauders map to work as a Hogwarts school student!
These two Harry Potter items came with a little magazine with puzzles, HP facts, polls and quizzes.

The box also came with a new independed comic called “Tabatha” which I still have to read so I will come back later on this. but on first eye, the graphics are looking amazing with a dark and realisitic style.

Last item is the Dragon Age Titan collectable, I really hoped for a Funko Pop vynil figure but I got Leliana which you can get for $9,99 in stores. Meanwhile I’m collecting my favourite characters it looks good on my dvd display cabinet with my other figurines. Some people are collecting these without taking it out of the packaging but I can’t appreciate the figure without having it in my hands and seeing all the beautiful details.

The theme for next month will be “Female Superheroes”, I don’t know if I will purchase this box but won’t give up to get a Lootcrate box next month! Let me know if you are interested in more geeky unboxing or recommend other products what you want me to review.

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