Heartbreaking, even though it happened some weeks back I wanted to mention this collapse of nature!

Azure window or Tieqa tad-Dwejra, one of the most beautiful postcards of the island of Gozo (is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, the Republic of Malta) collapsed due to the force of nature and the passage of time. Past studies indicated that the roots formation was to succumb to the natural corrosion. And in 8/03/17 came to happen but perhaps a lot sooner than necessary.

What now is left are the beautiful photos as a reminder of this natural landmark . Happy to have been several times on this island  that I like so much. I have with Malta a  type of friendship,  that I even celebrated my birthday on Malta 4 times, including the one last summer when I went with my boyfriend to show him the island, in all of my visits I went admire this arch over the sea.

The location has become a popular filming location, particularly for mythological epics, as well as “Game of Thrones”, also was featured in “Clash of the Titans”, “the Odyssey” and the 2002 version of the “count of Monte Cristo”.

According to a European Commission report, the arc received about of 850,000 visitors a year, almost 50,000 images of Instagram are marked with #azurewindow. Thousands photographs will remain as a testimony of this tourist spot.

I believe that the collapse was not only because of the result of the process natural erosion coupled with the strong winds hitting the islands and the related sea currents that which had been going in the last 30 years,  its has also a part of fault of humanity that helped accelerate this result. Not so strange when the ratio of inhabitants to tourists is 1:3 on yearly basis. Might be an idea to start putting up limits to the amounts of daily visitors allowed per natural tourist spot on Malta.

Despite successive warnings of geologists, strict measures were promised  but not implemented by governments and people kept walking in arc. Only in February  this year that the Maltese Government imposed fines of € 1500 for those who were caught in the top of the arc. But by then it was too late.

All it took was a powerful storm to bring the structure  back to the sea. Mother nature has spoken!


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