ManaMana my Gourmet Hotspot

When I got that desire to eat vegetables, seconds later ManaMana is on my mind. They master the skill of preparing and serving vegetables.

Located in the heart of the Pijp neighborhood and only a short bike ride from my house. “Hallelujah” (we have got more places to visit in the Pijp than only the Heineken Experience).

Mana mana is a real hidden gem, a Israeli trattoria that serving a selection of mostly vegetarian dishes, the modern version of Israeli cuisine. Every dish served is a work of art. The passion for cooking is noticeably reflected in the taste of each dish. In an  environment that reminds me of our bars of Minas Gerais, Brazil, with cozy tables on the sidewalk and a kitchen which has it’s own identity it makes me feel at home.

Almost everything is vegetarian, but for us mortals carnivores you will also find a delicious chicken menu, kebab and lamb stew.

I have my favorites, but I suffer to not ask all at the same time: they are the Fried polenta, spinach on a crispy polenta, topped with Parmesan and a slice of grapefruit over a sauce with pomegranate, the carpaccio ‘ of sweet potato, PoPo (polenta with Portobello), ‘ funky ‘ fennel, shakshuka (this since I ate in Israel at my breakfast we got a eternal friendship between us), mesabecha (humus’ dissected ‘), baba ganoush (roasted cauliflower), and the Eggplant with tahini.

You guys already noticed that I love everything huh?!, and for who knows me,  knows that I can’t  play with food, yes I and my  boyfriend already  ordered everything at once.

                                                                               Popo 👆🏼

                                                                     Traditional falafel and sweet potato carpaccio 👆🏼 

                                                                            funky fennel and the amazing spinach 👆🏼

And of course the dessert couldn’t be skip. Usually there is no space left for the desert, but this week I decided to just stick with a main dish and I could taste the so-called Malabi,-muhallibieh, is a pudding made of rice flour (seemed a little with the panna cotta) and flavored with rose water and layers of coconut, pomegranate jelly, and chopped peanuts. Could had more sugar… in the Brazilian version would do with condensed milk 😜

For those who live here, RECOMMEND and if you’re just passing through or plan to visit Amsterdam is very worthwhile!

Visit website: ManaMana
Eerste Jan Steenstraat 85

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