Story time: Lola’s Journey

Today is story time, a real story about a cat. Her name is Ginger Lola and one year old. She was abandoned by some stranger near Marbella in Spain, but luckily, she was found by an amazing person who brought her to an animal shelter nearby. Lola was too kind and too beautiful for any animal shelter so she was taken to a foster home where she can make little friends and play a lot untill someone else was ready to adopt her.

My sister was looking for another cat to keep Lilly company and willing to adopt a little kitty cat from abroad. She saw this little cutie and fell in love.

The process to adopt a pet from abroad is not as difficult as we think. The shelter, Triple A, where she comes from is located in Marbella (Spain). What made her decision more easier is that these animals in Spain have less opportunity to be adopted in their own country because of the high amount of abandoned animals.

About Triple A
Triple A is an officially registered, non-profit organization mostly run by volunteers dedicated to helping and caring for abandoned and abused animals, offering them dignified shelter while they seek a home for them. Triple A does not receive any finance from the government they only survive by membership fees, sponsors, donations, organizing events and legacies. They look after 400 dogs and 150 cats which makes them one of the biggest animal shelters in southern Spain.

One-way ticket to Holland, please
After a few weeks the papers were done and Lola was ready to go to her new home and family. A volunteer from the shelter offered to travel to Rotterdam to bring her together with a little puppy who will also meet his new family.

There she was, on 27th of December she arrived at the airport with a big red bow just like a Christmas gift.

Now she lives with her new sister Lilly and things are better now. It took a while before they get along because Lilly is a cat who needs time to get used to other animals and people.
Lola loves to watch animal documentaries, playing outside and being one of the birds in the garden. Now after 2 months she is best friends with her older sister and likes cuddling with her.

If you are willing to adopt a dog or a cat, think twice before you are going to adopt an animal from a breeding home. Breeds have more opportunity for a home than from a shelter. Every animal needs a second chance to live a happy life even if they live in another country.

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8 thoughts on “Story time: Lola’s Journey

  1. Hi Rosy, I’m Triple A volunteer. I was Lili’s foster mami and my sister has been Lola’s. The best reward for all volunteers is to know our animals have a loving forever family. That’s encourage us to go on, there are still so many in help!!! Lili and Lola have the best family they could have imagined. Thank you for telling Lola’s story as a sample of adoption. Hugs, Clara.

    • Ahww, thank you Clara! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I hope I can encourage people more to adopt cats and dogs from shelters. Feel free to share this post with the Triple A volunteers and members 🙂

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