How a metallic plissé skirt became my second skin

Some pieces of clothing never become boring or outdated. For instance, I have this metallic skirt that I bought in May 2016 and I kept wearing this up until this winter fashion season 2017. I am not only wearing this for an evening out but I am also wearing it as part of my casual style by combining this a t-shirt or a long sweater.  I used call : My kinda of hip hop cool mood. 😎

Look :
Long sweater shirt- Zara
Metallic skirt – Zara
oxford zilver shoes – Zara

OHHHHH Gosh ya everything Zara ….

Mickey T-shirt – New Yorker 

It is called high-low because the metallic like fabric shines by itself. If you are like me and more like a bling bling type of look this skirt is a must have item for your wardrobe and you can easily play wearing with neutral items.

My fave cutie comfy combo is with a oversized  pompom sweater cardigan 
Let’s see what will be my next second skin for this new summer collection 2017/2018.

It’s all about inspirations, be yourself, nobody can do it better!

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xoxo Ná



5 thoughts on “How a metallic plissé skirt became my second skin

    • Yess acredita que sem perceber foi tudo Zara ? e o bacana que o metalizado não influenciar no over né? A saia está em promoção na Zara de €50 por 14,95… Se quiser é so encomendar ✌ beijossss xoxo

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