Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

Since 2004  we have in January and July the Mercedes-Benz fashionweek Amsterdam. This an event with exhibitions of Dutch and Belgian designers showcasing their talent to the world. It is a stage for innovative initiatives, many start-ups and also provides a platform for the seven highly acclaimed fashion academies in the Netherlands.

My first day was on Friday 1/27/2017 and I couldn’t have wished for a better start. I had the opportunity to witness a great minimalistic and feminist show of Said Mahrouf , he is as of now my favorite designer! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

His inspiration came by lines, panels and basic colors. The new collection “lines and panels” was executed in soft tissues and bright material draped with asymmetrical details. It also contained high slits with pleated drape, the marking of the silhouettes are in a very elegant and feminine way.

I simply call it a party for the eyes.

                                                                      I called it of Royale dress

                                                                This collection has been layered on different gold color materials.

Half an hour later I watched the presentation of Schepers & Bosman’s collection called ‘Flat and Dutch ‘. Sanne Schepers en Anne Bosman had been inspired in the principle of ‘ Dazzle’  “destroy to build”.  The idea of ‘ Dazzle ‘ is reflected in their clothes that stand out for their patched pieces which looks like a collage, where these parts can be used on both sides.


21:00pm I went to Tess van Zaling.

Tess is known from her crafts in a balanced combination. Her new collection was inspired by Delft’s blue (a typical taint of blue porcelain from the Dutch porcelain city Delft) and sponsored by the Royal Delft (this is the only  remaining Dutch porcelain factory in this category). The name of the collection was porcelain bottle.

Transparent Fabric Pieces in heavier materials and Latex walked hand by hand in their collection in addition with prints of this Dutch Porcelain, Tess van Zalinge made a reference to Dutch traditional painting ‘ girl with a Pearl Earring ‘.  The image of the famous Vermeer’s 17-century painting is used in a wide skirt and  a dress-shirt.

A traditional Dutch masterpiece.

Prints “girl with a Pearl Earring”, combining with the blue print of Delft . © Equipe Peter Stigter

The shining models of Anbasja Blanken  from Saturday evening catwalk.

Dreamer, romantic and radiant feminine looks awas incorporated in the models in this collection of 40/50 style. In shades of powder rose with touches of red, yellow and emerald.

Off shoulders tops and ruffles, wavy hair and natural makeup. The look of this new season that are coming.

Bright and airy fabrics, appliqués, embroidered floral and fancy pants turned in a show where we couldn’t take our eyes off. 

With  Spijker Spijkers I closed my second day of Fashionweek

The twin sisters Truus and Riet Spijkers inspired they collection on the images and stories about STUDIO 54, a large nightclub on West 54th Street in Manhattan, New York. The themes of love and revolution are also present in the inspiration of the twins which makes us believe that every revolution is born out of love.

The inspiration of the late 70 ‘s, which became the time of the punk movement, was visible in the collection, a nice throwback vibe.

Spijker Spijkers Spijker Spijkers closed the show with a surprise party with full of pop-up!

The fashionweek’s bug bit me … I’m already counting down to the next.

It’s all about inspirations, be yourself, nobody can do it better!

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xoxo Ná

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